Tourette's Syndrome

I have Gilles De La Tourette's Syndrome, or simply Tourette's Syndrome
or even more simply - Tourette's.  It is a genetic disorder of the central
nervous system.  It causes involuntary "tics" aka movements or noises.

It is something which traditionally onsets between the ages of 8 and 14
and is more predominant in males.  It is inherited and there is a strong
family pattern of Tourette's.

There is no cure.  It isn't contagious.  It has nothing to do with
intelligence or anything else.

So you might ask why someone with Tourette's becomes a lawyer?  Why not? 
It hasn't been an issue in the practice of law for me in the last 12 plus
years!  Why would someone who has Tourette's want to be a trial
lawyer and work in front of juries?  Again - the same answer as before!

A few little things about Tourette's - it is made worse by stress, although
just because it may be acting up doesn't necessarily imply stress.  Only
a small percentage of people with Tourette's do the cussing thing. 
I don't - thank God for the little things.

My daughter has Tourette's.  She deals with it.  It helps to have a dad
who understands.  I don't know about my son yet.  He's only 6.

So - I'll probably flesh this out more as I go, I just wanted to post
something for now.  Please follow the links below for addtional
information.  Thanks!

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